We wrześniu 2021 Julia Kmieć uczestniczyła w wymianie młodzieży we Włoszech. Oto jej relacja:

The founding aim of the project is to promote the values of environmental protection, bringing
attention to the theme of global warming. No less important is the promotion of a fruitful cultural
dialogue between the participants so as to contribute to instilling in them a deep-rooted sense of
European citizenship.

This need has been identified by the young promoters of the project and the assembly of the
partners has been oriented to enhance the different points of view on the issues of intercultural
dialogue and environmental protection. The project involves organisations based in Italy, Spain,
Lithuania and Poland. All countries, as we have already pointed out, share high pollution rates but also a tangible awareness of environmental issues among public opinion and national governments.

Together with the problem identified above, it is also noted that young people living in rural and
peripheral areas experience fewer opportunities for individual and professional growth than their
peers living in urban centers. The project also aims to provide participants with an unprecedented opportunity to express their artistic potential through the creation of a graphic and photographic